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Friday, May 11, 2012

Jaime's baby Owl Quilt.

Another Baby? Another Quilt!!!
 I told Jaime she couldn't HAVE an owl quilt, because I already made one for Tiffany ;c) BUT, I surprised her, and instead of 1 owl, there's two.   Which is fitting because this is her 2nd baby ;c) So that's her two children Morgan and Jack in OWL form sitting on a branch.

 Here's the quilt basted and fused.
 Here I used raw-edge applique, and a straight stitch with my darning foot.  I appliqued the pieces first then filled in the background next.
 Here's the background all filled in:
And here's the first feather quilted.   I quilted a feather in the colored areas.  The green areas uses a shiny variegated green thread from Gutterman.  
 The blue area uses a Teal shiny variegated thread by Sulky.
 I added the borders right after I fused down the pieces.
 Here's a couple closeups of the quilting ;c)

 Here's some photos of the back.


  1. I can only think that a person must possess a bountiful helping of grace and coordination to quilt like that !!!!

  2. Wow, that is awesome. Your "katie-tavishing" just pushes it over the top!!!

  3. What a cute little quilt. I love it. You are so creative. The quilting really sets it all off. Great job.

  4. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt!!! It's going to be a keepsake on my wall and in my heart :)

  5. Love the quilt!! Do you have a pattern I could purchase?

  6. Hi Katie, love this little quilt, is this your pattern or know where I could purchase one? thanks Sue

  7. Thank you all for your sweet words! I'm working on trying to create a pattern for it. I need to figure out how to make a .pdf file from scratch! LOL. . I'll definitely make a new blog post about it as soon as I can!
    Thanks again!