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Friday, January 3, 2014

My Quilt Guild Challenge Project

Each Year around Christmas, our Quilt guild does a challenge project. . similar to the Hoffman Challenge.  We are given two FQs of supposedly "ugly" or mismatched fabrics and we are supposed to make a quilt of them.  There are several categories and the winners receive gift certificates to our local quilt shop!  It's SO much fun and I look forward to it every year!   This year, as you know, I have a new baby girl.  I seem to always forget which Monday my guild meeting is held on.  This year, I look at my phone a couple days after the Christmas guild meeting. .and I realize I Have MISSED it!!  So dissapointing.  Oh well, I won't win anything, but I'll take my project to the next guild meeting and show it off ;c)  I'm just sad I will have missed all the other ones.  I love seeing what everyone can do with the same fabrics.

My Challenge project is titled "Home-Sweet-Home" and is inspired by a whimsical family tree.  The family tree aspect is especially meaningful to me this year with my new addition to our family.

This year the FQs matched PERFECTLY. . so it was hardly a challenge to match them haha.  The two fabrics I used for the quilt's borders, and also the large-print floral fabric I used for all of the leaves.  I embroidered "The Wiseman's" on the top, and used raw-edge fusible applique for all the pieces.  I quilted around the small areas with pebbles, and the larger areas with spirals.  There is a straight feather in the borders (which I don't like becuase I Used too light of a color of thread ugh) no way I would undo it though! LOL

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