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Friday, January 3, 2014

Rachel's Queen-sized T-Quilt - Christmas Gift from Mom

I absolutely LOVE the way this T-quilt turned out!  I was given about 100 shirt sides (front and backs) to use in this quilt.  I had her narrow them down to about half that much LOL and I STILL didn't think I would be able to fit them all in!  Well,we did it.  And since all the shirt logos are all sorta "smushed" together, it really gives the quilt a fun look!  
Another reason this quilt looks so good is because it is so colorful.  There is only so much a quilter can do when you only have black/white/grey shirts to work with ya know?  ;c)  The T-shirts themselves are the main source of color.  that's why I always ask people to include at least ONE tie-dye.  Just one tie-dyed shirt can be spread out throughout the whole quilt and provides SOO much color!
Here's the graph I used for this quilt.  Very busy!  Very fun!!  an OCD person's dream come true!  <3 nbsp="" p="">

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