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Friday, February 7, 2014

Grace's Quilt

**To order your own custom baby clothes quilt - please go to my facebook page for pricing and info**

This quilt is made up of the clothing worn in the first couple years of Grace's life.  Her mom Melanie and I went to school together and we sang in Show Choir together.   
This is the 2nd quilt made of baby clothes I have ever made. The FIRST one, (Brady's Baby Quilt) was made entirely of BOYS clothing and blankets.  The boys clothing was a bit easier, since it didn't have as many small parts ;c) I wanted to conserve as many as the little logos and embellishments from these clothes as I could. This meant that I had to take the seam ripper and remove stuff, and then REapply it on the block before sewing it into the quilt.  
I still enjoyed every minute of this quilt!!  T-shirt quilts are my favorite because they are like a puzzle.  So when I get a chance to make these quilts out of baby clothes, the puzzle pieces are SMALLER, and more challenging/FUN.

 This is sort my screwed-up process of making a quilt.  First, I lay all of the pieces down, folded, as they would appear in the quilt.  Then I go in with a ruler and graph them out on graph paper and label each block.
 this is all the pieces, fused and cut, and the graph paper. . ready for the machine!!!
 finished TOP!
 Pretty zig-zag backing!
 awww, little quilt bundle of happiness!!!  
 Finished quilt - on a sunny, albeit very muddy, cold day ;c) 


  1. That's adorable! What brand do you prefer for your fusable? Thanks for showing how you make it!

  2. What a sweet quilt! Just wanted to pop by and thank you for uploading the video of your free motion on youtube on your juki... It has inspired me and this morning I bought the Juki 8100e... (I've been thinking about it for awhile) Just wondered if you would mind sharing what darning foot you bought.. I saw your note about the screw.. So I'll keep that in mind. Any other top tips? Many thanks :-)

  3. What a lovely keepsake. It looks great
    Cheers Pauline

  4. Love this in the process of making something similar for all three kiddos!! Thanks for the share