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Monday, April 7, 2014

Marshall University T-Quilt

Just recently finished a T-quilt made with Marshall University T-shirts.  The owner of these T-shirts is my friend Missy, who was a MU cheerleader.   I tried something a bit different with this quilt.  Instead of using JUST the T-shirt fabrics, I added in additional green tonals and prints to break up the monotiny of the greens and whites.   However, now that it's finished, I'm not even sure it added that much!   I'll definitely try this again though - especially with Tquilts that are mostly made up of Grey/White/Black shirts.  Those can get kinda boring ;)

Another thing unique about this quilt. .. Missy gave me two hooded sweatshirts with large pockets.  I decided to leave the pockets in the quilt.  I think it's pretty cute too! 

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