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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dye Inspiration March 15th 2012

What a morning!! We had some crazy storms today! Typically I would still be in bed snoozing at 7AM, but unfortunately my husband's car wouldn't start yesterday so I went and fetched him and brought him back to work this morning. We left at 6am and there was distant lightning in the hills to the North of us. As I was driving back home (westward,) the lightning was in full view across the sky. It seemed to go on for miles and miles. It was a scary beautiful sight.
Here in Milton, WV, it was the eye of the storm. Starting at 7am and just now starting to trickle off at 9:30am.
My husband works in South Charleston. He got a bit more lucky and took these beautiful shots this morning:

This was the view from his work looking East
and this was the view facing West:
A few minutes later he grabbed his "good" camera and captures this double rainbow.
Double Rainbow. . WHOAAAAAAAA What does it all MEAN??!!??!!
I loved these photos he took of the clouds. .. so gorgeous

Also if you want you can check out this flickr slideshow I made.
Every day Louie (my dog) and I walk around the block at least once.
And each time we pass this same tree. For 6 years we've been doing this, and this tree is exceptionally beautiful in the springtime. For the past week, I took a photo of this tree every day with my iphone.
The first photo is of the baby buds that were on the limbs. The last day is of the tree in full spring bloom. I believe this tree is a bradford pear, and this is the tree that lines the streets of Milton, where I live. . and it is amazingly beautiful in the springtime!!
The last few photos are of the tree that is in front of the Milton United Methodist Church. I believe it is a dogwood tree. But the spring blossoms on it are PINK!!!! So I had to include some photos of that as well. (keep in mind this was all with my iphone so they're not the best)

That is all for my Dye inspiration for the week! I DO plan on doing some dying next week, for it will be the perfect dyeing conditions. HOT and HUMID!!!

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  1. Good for you, Katie, for showing the ultimate beginning of the quilting/dying process; the inspiration!