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Monday, April 7, 2014

2014 Crown Royal Quilt - - #1?

My first Crown Royal Quilt of the year! Will it be the first and ONLY?  Time will tell!
I had to get mostly new fabrics for this quilt, as the fabrics I was using for previous crown quilts is mostly sold out or MIA.  

 My customer had a beautifully colorful selection of bags.  3 different sizes of golds!
 3 different size of blacks!
 Browns, Reds, and tons of purples!  
 This is going to be a colorful quilt!
 Here are all of my bags "prepped" and ready to be pressed and trimmed into 4" squares. 
 All of my star blocks ready to go!
 Finished quilt top! 

 Quilting the quilt recipients name in the border is kind of a tradition now ;c) can you see the "randy?"
 Finished back! 
 Finished Front! 
 And I just had to get a photo of my favorite helper - outside on a rare beautiful sunny day.  And the photo on the left is of my NEXT project "Rocking Horse Quilt"

Also, I am now selling the pattern for these quilts if you would like to make one for yourself.   Or, you can commission ME to make it for you!
For questions or price list please see my facebook page -\

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  1. So glad you done a pattern for this. I have 2 guys I need to make these for. I keep stalling as I am afraid of working with the bags! Love your quilts!