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Monday, April 7, 2014

4 Baby Quilts

So either all of my friends are PREGNANT, or just had babies. . including ME!  So, an idea popped into my head (a brilliant one I might add) - that I would make all of us a baby quilt -similar, but not totally matching.  I wanted the moms to pick out the colors, and applique the name on there.  These quilts are the perfect "tummy time" quilts too!  Soft, yet strong, and will hopefully be washed and used for years! 

I drew up this little design in paint.  (Encore wasn't named yet, but is my friends 2nd baby, her "encore" baby. . cute huh?)  I took this little design to the fabric shop to pick out fabrics.  

Lauren Grace, daughter of my friend Amy & Paul, who has yet to arrive, but we are all excited to meet her! 
Emmett Theodore, who is here, but just BRAND new.  Only a few weeks old, but I hear he is perfect and sleeping like an Angel.  When I met him, he gave me a smile, so I already like him ;c) 

Juliana Elise - I have decided that she and MY daughter are going to be BFFs!  They are only a few months apart and we live just down the street from each other!  They have already had a beautiful photo shoot together and seem to get along great! ;c) 
 (this is them)

 And then finally, my Mira's. . I started out with brand new fabrics that I LOVE, but I quilted it to death (did you know you could OVER quilt something?  yeah, me neither!)  So I made it into a rug, and started from scratch, using all scraps.  Guess what? the scrappy, quick-quilted version is 10X better!   BIG LESSON LEARNED !
 (here's the old version/rug)

 Some finished photos hanging on my dirty wet fence ;c) 

and just thought this was a cute picture.  All of my names, in different fonts, all printed in reverse, ready for the applique process!


  1. These quilts are absolutely precious!! So sweet!

  2. Such a nice post, Katie. and the babies together is just the best. That is a forever photo and I hope the girls are BFF too.

  3. Fab quilts...and gorgeous quilting!! Love all the different designs!