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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Franki's Baby Quilt

I made this quilt for my friend Franki, who is having a baby next month:  "Mia." 
She wanted Pink and Green, so I dug through my pinnk and green scraps.  The piecing for the front and back I kept relatively simple, but I went crazy with the quilting.   my favorite part ;c)

Here is the front and back before sandwiching. 

 I divided the quilt up in diamonds and wanted a 1/2' puffy line between each quilting motif.  In the above photo I had just finished the trapunto for Mia's name, the pebbling in the 1st section, and half the feathers in the 2nd section.
Here I had just finished all the quilting.  

Before trimming and binding.  
Closeup of the quilting. 

 andddd. . front and back finished!

All of the quilting was done with NEW Aurifil polyester longarm thread.  The pastel variegated thread looked perfect against the pink and green fabrics.   . . used in the top AND bobbin.


  1. Pretty quilt. The quilting is wonderful. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  2. Its beautifully done! Love the idea of different motifs in squares. Where did you trapunto her name?

  3. Oh, found it! What a clever idea! Beautiful and so fabulous!

  4. Hi - Beautiful! Looking at the third photo, of the quilting half done, I NEVER would have guessed that you could have quilted down all that puffiness! Is there a secret to it?

  5. It is beautiful do you sell over the internet?

  6. I just pinned your quilt, hope that's OK with you. Love the idea of dividing up a quilt with the following comment: "A quilt that has simple piecing can have interesting quilting, just by dividing it with channels (or squares). Great way to use up some of my charm packs and practice my FMQ without getting bogged down with intricate piecing." Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. What a wonderful quilt your quilting is amazing!