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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ann M Smith New Years Eve Mystery Fabric Strips

I have been at this all day. One would think I would have already started sewing on this already. Or at least pressing or cutting into the fabric!!! Nope, because I believe this is my favorite part! Sorting, organizing and generally playing in my fabric. ;c)

This mystery calls for 3 fabrics and a background.
Fabric #1) (Medium) =Medium Civil War Prints from a swap
Fabric #2) (Pop?) = Dark Civil War Prints from a swap
Fabric #3) (Medium) = Medium Civil War Prints from a swap
Background - Neutrals from a swap.

This quilt is going to be totally, and deliciously, scrappy!

The first thing I had to do was dump out all of my swapped strips onto the table.
Here you have the neutrals on the left, and all the yummy civil war prints on the right.
These are all swaps from quiltville!

The next thing I did was organized the prints into Darkest, Medium, and lightest piles.

Here are the CW prints . . I didn't get a photo of the neutrals. . but those were separated too.

After I seperated them, I grouped them by mystery CLUE.

I had the PERFECT amount of CW strips for a LAP-sized quilt. I wanted to use just the dark and medium neutrals for this quilt and save the lightest ones for Orca Bay.
This worked out pretty perfectly too. I'm going to need to cut about 4 more 2.5" strips from my stash of neutrals. . but I think it is worth it to save all the pretty Xtra LIGHT neutrals for another mystery.

Here are my leftover Xtra light neutrals ;c)

It's midnight now so I'm headed to bed and will start pressing and cutting for this quilt in the morning. Anyone else doing Ann Smith's NYE mystery?

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  1. I am so excited to see this quilt when it is finished!!!