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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Purses - Ann Smith mystery

I just finished a couple purses/totes. I tried to add them to my dECEMBER list but unfortunately could not finish them until today.
Oh well I still had a very successful december.

Here they are made with scrap civil war prints:

Now, in keeping with the birthday theme. . and until I get some definite orders. . I'm going to be making "me" stuff. It's my birthday month!!!
So I'm now starting the mystery by Ann M Smith in the fabricaholics anonymous yahoo group.
Fabrics I'm using? surprise surprise. . CIVIL WAR PRINTS! lol
I can't help it I love them and just thing they are delicious!

So here they all are . .. Civil War 2.5" strips and Neutral 2.5" strips from a Quiltville swap. I've been itching to use them together in a quilt. This mystery is the perfect opportunity.

In case you're wondering about me and Orca Bay.. I'm waiting just a bit to start that one. I want to wait until I receive my strips from a brown swap on quiltville. which should be at the end of this month. I don't have many blacks and would prefer to use dark brown for that color.
Besides brown IS my favorite color!

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