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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Quilting #1 Architectural Elements - "Tin Roof, Rusted"

This Quilt is called "Tin Roof, Rusted"
Yes, I know it's corny. . but I love naming quilts after songs and lyrics.

My inspiration comes from the original tin Roof in my apartment. I live and work in a 3,000 square foot apartment which is the upstairs of a VERY old building in Milton, WV. The Tin roof has the most amazing pattern in it and I have always wanted to design a quilt after it.
Project Quilting Gave me that opportunity!. . or lit a fire under my butt. . however you want to look at it!

What did I learn from this ? I learned how to do MITERED CORNERS! As many quilts as I have made in my lifetime, I have never once attempted mitered corners. This quilt has SIXTEEN OF THEM!!! The inner miters are 1/2" fINISHED. . not a good beginning project to learn . . but I managed. ;c)
The Miters took me a bit longer than I anticipated so I didn't get as much quilting in as I had hoped. I'm going to add a bit more quilting today.

this is the photo I sent in to the contest. I added a bit more quilting to the quilt since.

Here's a closeup of the added stuff:
I added some pebbles in the center squares and echo quilting around the edges.

Here's some photos of my roof in my apt.

I have just been informed that this should NOT be called a "roof" (LOL) it should be called a ceiling. BUT, I've always called it my tin "roof" so I'm sticking with it and you can just consider me blonde.


They are ALL so good!!!


  1. Great Quilt! I think it is perfect for the Challenge! I love the colors.. the blue the pink and the dark (black). Really made your quilt look 3D. I love the texture in your quilting!

  2. That tin roof on you apartment looks lively with its colors! The pebbles look great too. Good thinking with that. What is this contest you mentioned above?

  3. There is a link to the contest RIGHT UP THERE ;c)