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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Screw" IT

See that little black screw that holds the needle in on my new machine? THATS what's holding me back from quilting with it. I know exactly what size screw I need, I just have to find it. I have'nt had time to go to the hardware store and look, but I HAVE looked online and wouldn't ya know it. . they're all sold out everywhere!

I went to Mr Sewing Machine in Dunbar, WV on Tuesday. They ordered me a darning foot for this machine. They're really nice up there and he took the time to show me how to attach it how it operates. He also WARNED me that I would need a new screw for it. The screw is appropriately named . "Juki Walking Foot Screw"

I love the little greeter they have up there. This is what you see when you walk into their little shop:

So. . . what else has been going on. . .
I recently had a birthday, and my sister got me a new cutting mat! It's AWESOME. 24" x 36" Here's a photo of my OLD self-healing mat on top of my NEW one.

Also . . as a late birthday gift . . I got my HAIR done. . here's a before/after shot:

And here are just a few photos I wanted to share. .
Isn't this the cutest thing? I like to stay up late and sleep in. It's hard to get my body and mind to relax when I'm in the middle of a quilt project. But looking at my two boys so comfy wrapped in a quilt SURE helps!
This quilt is my Carolina Christmas (a Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville mystery pattern)

I was walking the other day and it had just stormed. The Sun was setting and the street lights cast this eery glow onto the building they're doing construction on down the road. I was out walking Louie and had my iphone and took some photos:

There's quilt inspiration everywhere... I only wish you could somehow take photos of your dreams.

OH! and one more thing. . . Today i finished the Top of the 2nd Tquilt for the GWHS girls. I think it turned out GREAT . but like I said. . they had VERY colorful shirts to work with.

I have the whole day tomorrow to do the quilting and should be done by tomorrow.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday - look forward to seeing you Mon nite at guild meeting. Are you planning to attend the Inter.Quilt Festival in Cincinnati in April?
    Gina S. in Hurricane, WV

  2. looking forward to it too! And yes. . I am VERYYYY excited about IQF Cinci in April

  3. VERY Happy Birthday to you, Katie! I just love the photo of the guys under your Carolina Christmas, so cute and cozy!