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Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Quilting - Architectural Elements

(Photo courtesy of Florian Besnard)

Has anyone seen this? This kind of thing totally excites me! It's like taking a free art class.
It's like project runway except for quilting. Head on over to Kim's Crafty Apple for all the details.
Basically you have one week to make a quilt based on specifications or a certain theme. Then you share at the end of the week and there's a chance to win prizes even if you DONT win!
The thing I look forward to most is having my work professionally critiqued.

The first challenge theme is "Architectural Elements"
I have repeated these two words over and over in my head since yesterday. I've asked around to different people and asked them what this phrase means to them. Basically everyone came up with the same answer . .
"Things that make a building unique"

I've had some really great ideas thrown my way, but haven't settled on anything quite yet.
The main thing holding me back is.. I don't want to use a photo from the internet. I would rather use something closer to home as inspiration.

Again go to Kim's Crafty Apple to join in the fun.
I'll post more of my progress later in the week. ;c)

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