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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thank you DAD for assembling my new sewing machine!

Here she is! All assembled. My new Quilting machine.
It's a Juki DDL 8700 - industrial strength lockstitch machine.

You may be wondering why I chose this machine of all the machines out there in the world? Well, for starters, it's an AMAZING price! You can't get the speed, accuracy, reliability, and throat plate space for less than 1,000 on a DSM.
I can proudly say I would never have been able to assemble this on my own. Thankfully, my Father is a contractor. He is amazing when it comes to these things and he was able to get it done in a little over 4 hours total. That's impressive folks!

This is my Dad, Keith Hager. When he first arrived at my flat, he said to me "just as long as I don't lose any hair I'll be okay"
He's always the jokester! lol

My Dad's Wife, Donna Hager, is assisting him across the table. She has more patience than I can comprehend. She kindly sits and helps as Dad constructs my sewing machine, table and motor. She would hand him various tools that I don't even recognize by the name.
Dad gets the table and frame together at last!. He has attached the motor to the underside of the table, the bobbin winder, and the foot pedal at this point.
He has the instructions (with photos) on the table.
I will say that the photos don't do much good at all though. They are written in Japanese and then translated.. . . badly. Here are some of the examples of the instructions:
"Tight the pulley" and
"Put the Belt"

We HAD to get a photo of Dad scratching his head. Please let there be a few hairs left!!

Here he is tightening the belt. Isn't that attached lamp awesome?!

By George I think we've got it!

A photo of all the boxes the whole package came in...

This photo is of all the "extra" parts! hahahaha
I know . . SCARY right?!

I took this shot sideways to show you the WHOLE machine.

My new Jukibaby. She runs like a dream! She is kind of hard to thread, but once you get her threaded she goes and goes. This machine has a "servo" motor, as opposed to a "clutch" motor. It's supposed to be more quiet than regular industrial motors. I was skeptical. BUT, once I got her humming along. . she IS INDEED quiet!! As a matter of fact, quieter than my little Janome home sewing machine that I USED to do all my FMQ on!!!

I still have to get a high-shank darning foot for this machine. I'll let you know how my free-motion quilting goes once I do. I'm SOOOOO excited!
It's NO longarm. . but I think this badboy machine will last me for QUITE a few years until I can afford one.

Thank you SOOOOO much to my mom, Terrie Bowen for my Christmas present.
This was NOT a cheap machine to purchase as a gift and I am so appreciative.
Thank you to my Dad for buying the table and installing it for me for my birthday. I am so VERY blessed and grateful to you both!


  1. WOW! What a blessed lady you are! Your machine is a lovely and so is your NYE quilt!

    hugz and have fun quilting!

  2. I am soooo happy for you! Your Jukibaby is awesome but your entire family's love and support of your passion (it's NOT a hobby anymore!)is even better. Nothing can stop you now! You GO GIRL!

  3. Emily looks so much like your dad and has so many of his mannerisms ... it tickles me.

  4. Hi! I Googled "free motion quilting Juki DDL-8700" and your page came up. I have the exact same machine and was looking for info on what all I need to buy/do before I can successfully do any free motioning. Any advice?
    Thanks in advance, Brandy

  5. Those instructions aren't even in Japanese! My husband (who will be helping me assemble my new Juki 8700 this week) is Japanese, so I thought I lucked out... but no - they are in Chinese!!!! Oh well, we'll get it done. It took one whole hour just to un-box everything, so I can believe it will take another 2-6 hours to assemble it.