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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project Quilting #2 Making Music


Here it is. . TADA. . my "Project Quilting" challenge entry.

The song I chose for this project is "The Music Never Stopped." The original artist is John Barlow but the version I like best is when Bobby Weir sings it from the Grateful Dead.

This is a Reversible Quilted Tote.
I used my grated hand-dyed fabrics for this tote and quilted it with my new machine using variegated metalic thread.

Here are some shots before the tote was assembled:
For the red contrasting pocket I quilted a "hearts" motif. - one of my favorite stitches.
I quilted a large feather on this side
The blue contrasting pocket holds a treble clef, and stippled background
For the musical notes I used Steam-a-Seam II light. The fabric is a fuzzy fabric I hand-dyed brown. . I used a raw-edge applique stitch to secure.

After I had assembled the sides, straps I was ready to turn it RIGHT-SIDE OUT. Since I used batting on both the lining AND the outside . . to make it reversible and have both parts quilted. . it was a bit of trouble getting it turned. This part reminded me of the old "Popples" dolls. tee hee.

Alright. . all done!
top view

I'm not certain which side is the correct "outside" and "inside" . . But here is the RED sides:

and here is the blue sides:

Closeup of the treble clef pocket

You have until Sunday at Noon to join in the "Project Quilting" Challenge over at Kim's Crafty Apple!

Oh and BTW, go HERE to my previous post to WIN a "jelly roll" of these exact hand dyes. Leave me a comment on that post by Friday for a chance to win.


  1. Oh look at you using metallic thread on your new machine, who's name just escapes me right now :) The bags are fabulous. I LOVE the treble clef pocket, that is my favorite part of all, well other than they are really two bags in one. Great job!

  2. Fabulous bag! You will get a lot of compliments.